Thursday , May 19 2022

Politika Online – NIS invested more than one billion dinars in the development of the local community


NIS marked a decade of implementation of the "Community Together" program, during which more than 900 socially responsible projects were implemented in 12 Serbian municipalities and cities, and invested more than one billion dinars.

Through the "Community Together" program, NIS supported the reconstruction of kindergartens, parks, playgrounds and schools, equipping labs and classrooms, as well as the realization of projects in the fields of education and science, culture, ecology, sports, public health and social welfare.

Belgrade's Mayor Zoran Radojicic attended the ceremonies at the Belgrade Drama Theater, which estimated that the City of Belgrade with NIS has excellent cooperation and pointed out that over the past 10 years, the company has carried out over 160 projects worth 340 million dinars in Belgrade.

The Mayor announced that NIS in Belgrade will implement three significant projects worth 20 million dinars this year.

The first one, according to Radojicic, is related to the issue of ecology and concerns the purchase of two electric buses for the transport of citizens and tourists in the pedestrian zone in downtown Belgrade.

Considering that Belgrade is leading a socially responsible policy, Radojicic points out, another project is about opening a center for people with social needs in order to fulfill those needs in a faster way.

The third project, said the mayor, is the procurement of a new biochemical analysis apparatus in a suburban municipality, so that citizens can easily come to the analysis.

"Everything NIS is doing for Belgrade, it works for Serbia. As an example of this, I will point out the help NIS has made to the Children's Clinic in Tirsova when I was the director, that meant a lot for Belgrade, but also for every child in Serbia who needed help in that hospital, "Radojicic said.

He pointed out that the NIS project "Community together" is actually a project "from friends to friends".

CEO of NIS Kiril Tjurdenjeev said that the successful business of one company gets the right value based on what it has invested in the future and the community in which it lives and lives.

Tjurdjev stressed that through the project "Community Together", NIS has been contributing to the development of municipalities and cities in Serbia for ten years, stating that there were almost 1000 projects worth more than one billion dinars.

"There are new challenges ahead, but I'm sure new success too. Investment in the community is our strategic commitment. Every step of it is a step forward for our goals, because we are together in the community, "Tudjunev said.

In 2018, NIS continues to invest in projects aimed at improving the quality of life of building local communities, supporting 26 projects for which realization 114.5 million dinars were allocated.

Ministers of the Government of Serbia, Mladen Sarcevic, Aleksandar Vulin and Vanja Udovicic, representatives of 12 partner cities and municipalities, as well as guests and implementers of projects implemented in the previous decade were also present at the Belgrade Drama Theater.

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