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Royal return of the Netherlands! Van Dicky shot at heart of Germans over tears of French (VIDEO)


Royal return of the Netherlands! Van Dicky shot at heart of Germans over tears of French (VIDEO)

Heroes of the Netherlands: Virginia van Dick

What kind of royal return of the Netherlands! One of the biggest football players officially again is great after a great game in Gelzenkirchen against Germany 2: 2 (2: 0).

Virginia van Dick is a man who was wounded in the heart of the fans of Pancras, who in 90 minutes was convinced that Holland would get out of the train to present the victory of the historic big rival. But, instead, there were wonders. The Dutch who were tortured for almost 85 minutes magically revived the Schalke field and left disappointed not only to the Germans, but also to their neighbors of France, who in the last moments lost their first place in the group.

Namely, since both Lale and Galski loops have the same number of points (seven each), they decided on a common result and nonsense Muse Sisoka who in a couple of days ago in the 96th minute hurried a penalty for 2: 0 in Rotterdam, which now officially cost the world champions in the placement.

On the pitch tonight everything was in the service of Germany to the end. New item Joahim Leva in the form of 3-4-3, with three fast passes – Gnabri, Verner, Sane – she gave the results already at the opening of 20 minutes when Panceras got the advantage of two goals. He was looking for speed, searching for interference, fint and skill, so the Germans first scored both goals Verner in the ninth, and then i Liroi Sane in 19th minute.

However, Germany again and tonight showed pain – the inability to finish the job. It was not a problem for her once, but this generation of players obviously is. Instead of raising a stupid Dutch player who did not play anything special tonight, especially in the first half, with useless contracts and missed opportunities and after entering Mark Royce i Thomas Miller in the 65th minute they gave the chance to the rival to return.

This happened in the ending. In the last ten minutes Ronald Kuman he sent Van Dike high in the jump, and the result was the first goal Kvinsija Promesa 85th then (nice shot) and high 90th for a big celebration of Dutch fans. Most beautiful, since it's the biggest football competitor.

Nonsense from the finals of the match and the lost win could cost the Germans and better start the draw in qualifying for the European Championship, but also hit the teams that were set lower than them. The pancakes could drop into the second league at the end of the league, so teams from the third and fourth teams had a much sharper path to the tournament if they started to burn in the group with them and some sorted from the first. But, about that then …



Group 1


Germany – Netherlands 2: 2 (2: 0)
/ Verner 9, Sane 19 – Promes 85, Van Dick 90 /

Group 2

Switzerland – Belgium 5: 2 (2: 2)
/ Rodrigez 26pen, Seferovic 31, 44, 84, Elvedi 62 – T. Azar 2, 17 /

Group 3

20.45: (1.70) Portugal (3.70) Poland (5.20)

Group 4


England – Croatia 2: 1 (0: 0)
/ Lingard 78, Kane 85 – Kramarić 57 /

Photo: Reuters

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