Tuesday , September 27 2022

RTS :: Johnny Štulić denies Šerbedžija


"This story of Sherbedzija is lying darkly." Johnny never called him for a walk around Zagreb, nor did he make a song, nor have they ever been friends, just the other way around, he once, once in his wish, traveled with his Mercedes to conjure up with him he silently, however, used this invitation to get rid of this poem and insert it into his play without question, of course, to hide it, then shoot it down, and now it is by these disgusting lies justifying the very reason for its evil existence. "

Explanation of the g. Stupid!

"I am the song" I do not grow up with your soul "in the beginning of September in Zagreb in Zagreb, at the Youth TV – this is a confirmation show on Tube. On that occasion I spent only a week in Zagreb, and that is my only visit the Jugi that year.

I did not meet Sherbedzija then. The next year in '90, I spent ten months in the South, playing, and then I met him twice.

Once Paed (in the passage) takes me to a place where he finds himself (probably by appointment), which he found audition for the film, but I quickly went out and went.

For the second time, when he was in a dinner, he expressed his desire to travel with me in his car (and he only passed me to have the cover for the latter story, because he meant everything in advance of saving the perfect crime), and this is the only truth he is talking about.

"Balegari", on which this song is located, came out at the end of June '90. (I guess it's been used since then, since his official performance lasted from 15.5 '90 to 26.4.991, however, if he used the song before that, then I do not know how the record was taken, unless it was by that recording with TV served), in any case, I did not know about that show until five or six years ago, when I came out with the story in public.

I have never been friends with him, and I have never called him in my life (he is, of course, he is probably the best description in his book), hence knowing very well that he would never get the permission to use it in he introduces, as it is otherwise, simply to invent the whole story, moreover, to blur even more, he then shoots her, and now, in addition to the many years of performance (and other of my songs, too), he is also touring under the name and alienated and defamed songs work (on which he makes the career of a bad singer).

Here, it's already been 28 years of this intrigue and how to knit its network (more and more).

So, that is the Croatian celebration, and here a Bosnian Georgian who is betting for a Serb to fly to Brioni. "

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