Monday , October 18 2021

Šarčević: the directors of ten schools are left without an armchair


Ten directors of primary and secondary schools will be replaced at the beginning of the second half, Education Minister Mladen Sarcevic announced for "Novosti."

Source: Tanjug, Večernje novosti

Photo: Thinkstock

Photo: Thinkstock

The heads of schools of Vushtrri, Ranilug, Preševo, Aleksinac, Niš, Požega and four Belgrade schools will remain without the armchair, two at Obrenovac, Zemun and Surčin.

The newspaper affirms that the reason for dismissal is the false number of students and the formation of a greater number of departments than the one established by law. The educational inspection has found previously that classes with less than 15 students in these schools were formed, which is the legal minimum. Fictionally, there was a large number of students to avoid technological surpluses. Thus, for example, of 25 students, two, instead of a department.

The educational inspection examined 200 schools in six school administrations and found irregularities in more than 30 percent, or more precisely in 73 schools. The first 10 changes are not the end, since the detailed analysis of all the schools in which the inspection found irregularities has not yet been completed, Sarcevic said.

"We intend to simplify the procedure for the removal of licenses for the work of school secretaries, they must have a great responsibility, because they need to control the work of the director and not complicate the irregularities," said Sarcevic .

The brochure states that irregularities were also found in the school administrations of Belgrade and Nis, where advisors in charge of financial affairs were already dismissed. According to the minister, they had to know the false number of students in the schools, but they tolerated it and they were not registered. So they became accomplices, because they manipulated the data, Sarcevic said.

Recall that before Šarčević from the Danas newspaper stated that the directors of minor violations would only receive a warning. He also said that the analysis was extended to schools of music and schools for children with disabilities.

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