Tuesday , September 27 2022

Serbia or Montenegro? Tumba or Miloje ?!


MONDO / Nikoleta Vukcevic

Recently he was censored by the captain of the Serbian football team – expelled as Roma Aleksandar Kolarov. It's perfectly clear, because the right hand of the Red Guards would probably be the first option in Camp Eagles.

However, the twenty-four-year-old boy from Ćuprija was elected to Montenegro two and a half years ago.

Of course, it works Filip Stojković.

Defender who will play important match Serbia and Montenegro (Saturday, 15.00, Belgrade) in the 5th round of group 4 of the league C league, will follow the tribune of the stadium "Rajko Mitic" for the violation of the ligament joint.

"I hope the guys will do their best. First, I expect a good match and a favorable result for us. I'm sorry I do not play because Marakana is my stadium, but the most important thing is to recover and prepare to return to the field"Stojkovic said in an interview with Dnevne novine.

What can stop the derby?

"Patience, discipline and persistence".

And what should change in relation to the October defeat of 2: 0 under Gorizia?

"We should not be scared. The model should be against Lithuania, roughly".

If you were healthy and that you did not choose Montenegro, on Saturday afternoon, where you were born and where you were growing up, you would run in the football jersey of Serbia – do you remember that you chose the jersey of "brave falcons"?

"Not. I do not mean anything in my life. Whatever I did, these are my decisions. So … absolutely not".

Montenegro has accepted you, especially in the national team, but in the "eternal derby" between Red Star and Partizan you often fight with Marko Jankovic – will you stop to "hit"?

"Well, when the next derby is in the program, we'll definitely click & # 39; again. That is normal. As for that, we are good friends. About Maret is always the best".

When are we in the Red Star, do you promise the title?

"Always. That's implicit".

And are you going to the Champions League?

"(laughs). We entered LH, and as for the transfer of the group – we will see".

Ever since the triumph over Liverpool was euphoric?

"Historical success. After many years, one big team was defeated. Honestly, today we are talking about this game. And while I'm moving to Belgrade, there is little talk about a match between Serbia and Montenegro".

What was the recipe against Liverpool?

"What I just said about our match with Serbia. Patience, discipline and aggression".

How they look live on the field Salah, Mane, Firmino, Mbape, Neimar … A game or something else?

"The best players do not have to lose words. But on Marakana we showed that they are not invincible. We even dominated Liverpool".

Is the current season in LŠ an excellent school for the Stars?

"Yes. But we're still in the game. I hope we will make a step more, just like last year in the Europa League".

Vladan Milojević or Ljubiša Tumbaković?

"And Miloje and Tumba. But let it be Miloje, because Star (laughter)".

Godfather Aleksandar Mitrovic or the best friend of the team Stefan Mugosa?

"Honestly, kum Mitrovic. Mugi is a very good friend, but he's a godfather".

Stefan Savić or the best friend of Red Star Vujadin Savić?

"Every day, with Vujadin, we hang out on a daily basis. Stefan accepted me as a brother in Montenegro. So – let Savić (laugh)".

Belgrade or Podgorica?

"White City. I grew up here".

The hardest toy to save?


And it's easiest to keep it?

"Marko Janković (laughter) ".

The hardest opponent as a team?

"Surely PSG".


"Liliam Tiram".

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