Tuesday , June 22 2021

Serbia's goalkeeper was arrested for attacking a lawyer

Two young men were arrested in Novi Sad, suspecting they were attacking a lawyer in the city on Sunday night, writes Večernje novosti.


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As stated, D.M. he was arrested. (19) and G.N. (21), due to an attack on D.M. (57).

Belgraders say that the 19-year-old is a goalkeeper of the young football team of Serbia.

"After a brief traffic conflict, DM today parked a car on the Bulevar oslobodjenja, when he stopped the" golf "from which two young men appeared, and with the pistons" Stoka "several times hit him and broke into the ground to run away, while DM shocked his wife and daughter, "the Belgrade-based newspaper said.

It was also added that police patrols were quickly stopped by two young men.

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