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SLAGALI, AND NOT AGED: Ivania and Požega admit that they had S * KS, a married competitor then removed the truth about their PREVARAMA! | Stars


Aleksandar Požgaj and Ivanja Bajic agreed to answer questions about the polygraph, and their answers surprised.

The two said they had no intimate relationship with the rialitia, and the response of the two participants was a lie.

"No, no, so Ivania and I did not have one. That was all a simulation and an act, because we are in a hurry," said Požgaj.

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"No, of course, I did not have a rap or did not interest me in Požega in any way," said Ivania.

Subsequently, Požgaj got the question of whether he was willing to confess all his scams.

"No, because I did not cheat, I have nothing to confess, and that's why my answer is not," said Požgaj, who was also a lie.

photo: print / happy screen, Photo: Printscreen / Happy


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