Wednesday , October 27 2021 – The story has already been written in AdmiralBet’s ABA league


Mega basketball players have made history AdmiralBet ABA straight equaling with the Red Star in the number of attendances registered in a party of the regional competition.

Vlado Jovanovic’s team delivered a brilliant game and scored 101 points for Podgorica’s “students”. They scored up to 18 triples from 30 attempts, but even that didn’t impress in that duel.

That is, the Mega players managed to record up to 34 assists, which the Red Star players achieved against Bosnia in 2003. Interestingly, Mega threw the ball around the hoop 37 times since the game, and in 34 occasions was done with assistance. Awesome.

Anyway, the new season of the ABA AdmiralBet League has been announced as one of the most exciting lately. Can Mega be part of the teams that could surprise?

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