Sunday , September 26 2021

The biggest prizes for medals won at the Olympic Games are awarded by the Kosovo Olympics – 2021

The biggest prizes for athletes who win medals at the Olympics are in Kosovo, which pays 100,000 euros to the winners of the gold medal, 60,000 euros for the silver medal and 40,000 euros for the bronze medal.

Albania donates 82,000 euros for Olympic gold, 57,000 euros for silver and 41,000 euros for a bronze medal, Free Europe reported.

In third place is Serbia, which awards its Olympic gold with 70,000 euros, silver with 60,000, while the bronze medal is awarded with 50,000 euros.

Montenegro gives 35,000 euros to its athletes who win gold at the Olympics, 30,000 euros are planned for the silver medal and 25,000 euros for the bronze.

Croatia awards a gold medal with 27,600 euros, a silver medal with 17,300 euros and a bronze medal with 12,200 euros.

Northern Macedonia does not have a regulated reward for successful athletes, but it makes a decision for each success individually. This is how the government has decided today to award Dejan Georgievski 30,000 euros for winning a silver medal in taekwondo at the Tokyo Olympics.

The Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina told Free Europe that in the event of winning a medal at the Games, a special solemn session of the Executive Committee will be convened, which will take a decision on the corresponding award.

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