Tuesday , September 27 2022

The Era spoke of a terrible picture sent to a girl!


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He commented on a horrible video of a minor … Era Ojdanic

Namely, Ojdanic gave several statements about the object of a strange shooting, in which in the foreground you can see a lot of body together with the sentences:

The video captures the girl Era Ojdanic who sent her to a girl over the age of 17 and to whom she left!

– Love … What do you say, huh? Do you see who is watching you … Would you just pull it up? Look at the eggs … And you see how shining … See how you wake up, crazy … You can just wait to moisten it with your lips … Hm, is it crazy? – The Era was talking about the recording.

After that, Ojdanic first commented on the installation:

– It's such a montage and it's a miracle, it's madness, my mother! – The Era told us first.

Photo: Printskrin

A video in which Ojdanic shows a lot of body … Era

After clearly showing his voice on the video and seeing his face, Era said:

– Everything is possible, I do not know now … I gave the phone, it was at the service, but I do not remember having a pistol in the gallery. That's it, "he said.

To our question, does he recall that he recorded such content, he said:

– I do not remember at all! I have no idea. I do not remember that. It seems like this is some kind of installation. In any case, my ear hurts!

And when he was told that the video was recently created, as well as being sent by minors, Ojdanic began to defend himself with amnesia, and perhaps by dementia:

– I do not know, believe me. I have no idea how she got to her, I can not even remember, "he said.

Asked if he had contact with girls under the age of 18, he reacted sharply.

– No, whatever! Do not ask me that … I'm worried about it, I'm a man who never wants to touch the law, either by chance, especially when it comes to juveniles, and so on. That's not it! – Ojdanic explained.

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