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The "handle for numbers" of Novak discovered a strategy for Rafa


Rafael Nadal has been the king of the club for years and there is no doubt that the Spanish tennis player is the favorite of the slowest surface of this season.

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Photo by Julian Finney / Getty Images

Photo by Julian Finney / Getty Images

The Masters of Montecarlo have a series of tournaments at European level, but Nadal will defend a large number of points and this is an opportunity for other tennis players.

However, the Manakor tennis player is very easy to win on his favorite surface and there is no doubt that it will be a great challenge for all players, and in the next two months.

The statistics show that Nadal is incredible when the pitch comes. His career has a score of 415 wins and only 36 losses or a success rate of at least 92%.

Panac won 11 times Roland Garros in just 14 performances in Paris and has the same number of titles in Montecarlo, where he will be the second seed next week.

In addition, Rafa has 57 career titles with a shot of a total of 80, which means that 71 percent of the trophy won on the slower surface.

An analyst at the Novak Okovia team, Craig O & # 39; Neases, helped his analytical and hardware data from Novak to beat Nadal in some of his previous combats. This was the case this year in Melbourne, when Novak simply ended the coup in the final phase in three series.

Photo: YTSS

Photo: YTSS

Curiously, O & # 39; Neons was also behind Dustin Brown's sensational victory over Christmas, but at Wimbledon 2015.

Seeing the start of the Monte Carlo tournament, he analyzed Christmas numbers on the axis and pointed out how he had to play to determine the chance to win a Mallorca tennis player.

"Over the past four years, in tournaments in Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Rome and Roland Garros, Nadal lost only 12 times in service game 424 when he led 30: 0. Almost automatically won the games and, therefore, they only get their opponents. Statistics say that the most likely score when using the axis after the first two points is 30: 0. It is also very good at 15:15, he managed to win the game in 83 percent of the cases (324 / 392). Even when it can be lost at 0:30, it managed to get a match in 49% of the situation"said O & # 39; enesi.

They will be available to Novak with their data this spring and now they say that they have the idea that Novak should work to face Christmas.

"In the last four years, Nadal has managed to break 54 percent of the cases when it was at the service of the opposing opponent before 15:15. The game is about to begin and its ability to take a break is already in full swing. Give Rafi a preference during the first days of the game to make this part of the game almost impossible. Therefore, we should play with courage from the beginning of the game and take the initiative, it is a network that can always be paid"Completed O & # 39; enesi.

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