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The owner of Kanal 9 will continue the hunger strike in Belgrade


The owner of Novosadska Televizija Kanal 9, Maja Pavlović, organizes a hunger strike on the 15th. Until the May 3 meeting with the Prime Minister arrives, the strike will continue, for example, in Belgrade.

The owner and director of Novosadska TV Kanal 9 Maja Pavlovic is hungry since April 15.

He claims that this channel is in financial difficulties, mainly because the competent state and judicial authorities do nothing to allow the work of the local media.

Last year, the owner of the channel was hungry when he received the promise of the Ministry of Culture that the problems were resolved; but that did not happen.

maja pavlovićSource: N1

Fifteen days of life without food. "This can not be the right decision, but since we tried everything, this was the only decision," explains Maja Pavlovic.

After 11 months of rest, the owner of Novi Sad Channel 9 returns to pursue hunger.

Nino Brajovic, of the Association of Journalists of Serbia, says Maya does not fight for herself.

"It is a battle for all media that is in some sort of despair," he says.

For years, the owner of Channel 9 has indicated that copyright royalty rates are unreasonably high for local media that are damaged and victims of digitization. With this process, channel 9 became regional by 2015, which raised the broadcast rate ten times.

Due to the confiscation of the local frequency, Maja Pavlovic leads the procedure before the Administrative Court. For four years without epilogue.

"What is happening by my boss is how many citizens of Serbia are deprived of rights and how much power absolutely does not affect neither the citizens nor the media," says Pavlovic.

He concludes this because five days ago he wrote to the prime ministers of Serbia, who did not appreciate the response. Ana Brnabić, however, announced, but with a statement.

"As for the director of the Novi Sad television channel, Maya Pavlovic, I am prepared to help and talk, but I do know that your request is for the court to approve a trial. I can not interfere or take games, I can express my opinion or anything else. The way I influence the outcome of legal proceedings, since the judiciary is totally independent and independent in its work, "said Brnabić.

boy brajkovicSource: N1

But the prime minister can tell the Justice Minister that he expects the state to be as efficient as when he charges taxes and, when judged, believes Nino Brajovic.

"And there were some proportions. So if we expect you to pay something, we hope you resolve our claims, positive or negative, but to do so efficiently," he said.

The Prime Minister will still have an audience on Channel 9 issues: until the broadcast of this annex, television N1 received no response from the cabinet of the Cabinet of Ministers, Ana Brnabić. If on the 3rd day of freedom the media do not receive a call for the May 3 celebration, Maja Pavlovic will definitely arrive in Belgrade. That hunger turns to the capital, he says, how much he needs.

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