Tuesday , June 22 2021

The war between John Stulic and Rade Serbedzija: It's lying, we were never friends!

Acting actor Rade Serbedzija, responding to John Stulic's statement that he had never been friends with him and did not socialize, as well as to use his songs without consent, N1 said that he always felt "good and sincere friendship" towards Stulic. I'm sorry if it was on his side.

And these, like the previous year, are famous actors Rade Serbedzija, will perform with his orchestra "Western Station", on the eve of the New Year in Belgrade. The Belgrade concert will be held on December 26 in Kombank Hall. Then there are concerts in Niš and Cacak.

At the press conference, Sherbedzija explained this tour of the famous song by Branimir Štulić "I do not like the soul from you", which he announced, Štulić performed for his performance "Croatian Celebration" since 1989.

"Now, in the title of this concert, I send a message as an old friend", said Sherbedzija at a press conference.

Answering after the press conference, Branimir Štulić said that he had never been friends with Šerbedžija, that they have never been friends, and that the song "My soul does not grow from you" did not make for the performance of Rade Serbedzija and that he used it without his consent.

– This story about Sherdžije lies gloomily. Johnny never invited him to a walk around Zagreb, nor did he make a song, nor was he ever a friend, but vice versa, once upon a time, after his desire, his Mercedes passed his way to silence, but this was used to make the call easier this song and to bring it into its play without problems, of course, to hide it, and then shoot it, and now it justifies these illusive lies just the reason for its evil existence. – among other things wrote Stulic and mentioned:

– I have never been friends with him, and I never called him in life (he is, of course, he is probably the best description in his book), so he knew very well that he would never get permission to use in this show, as and usually, he simply invented the entire story; moreover, he blurs even more, then shoots him, and now, in addition to many years of performance (and other my songs), he has already come under the name Alien and Desecrated Songs of Work (where he makes a career of true singers).

On the occasion of the statement of the famous musician, N1 asked Šerbedžija for comment. Here's what he said in a conversation with reporters:

– If Johnny says we do not hang out, then we did not hang out. And if he says he never gave me the song "I'm not happy with you" for the play "Croatian Celebration" by Borislav Vujcic, which I directed in the spring of 1990 at the Gavela Drama Theater in Zagreb, he never gave me a song. And my performance did not start with "My soul does not grow from you". If he says that we were not walking towards Zagreb Ilić or that he was not on my son's birthday, then he was not on my son's birthday and we never walked with Ilić's screaming. And if he says he never invited me to his concert in Dubrovnik, then I never sat on the plane and fled for his concert. And if he says that we have never, he and Mile Rupčić and I drink red wine and sing "Jano mori, Jano mori, Jano dušo", then we did not sing the songs, and black wine never drank together, if it says so said the actor.

– And I say: Since I met Johnny I loved his songs, all the time I felt for him a nice and sincere friendship. I'm sorry if it was on my side. I will still love his songs, because I can not, but they love him – added Sherbedzija.

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