Tuesday , October 26 2021

These are the last words of the killer before killing a woman in front of a hairdresser in Bor


Today a tragedy happened in Bor, in which VN lost her life when her unmarried husband shot her several shots and, according to her acquaintances, the disagreements between them began when she broke the emotional connection.

According to previous reports, he fired at VN from a shortcut and the unfortunate woman died on the spot in front of the hairdresser she had.

Disagreements between this couple, according to the story of acquaintances, began when VN broke ties with ZP I wanted to return VN, but she refused.

As we find out, she went back to the living room today and asked him to find her again, but she refused.

– The woman escaped from the bar, but Ž.P. he grabbed her and, according to initial reports, shot her in the head – witnesses told Kurir.

He allegedly told her that he would not be with anyone if it were not his. Then he went to the car and came back with a shortcut. He escaped after the shooting, but was arrested for prompt police intervention.

Eyewitnesses remain in shock

– I started painting, and then I heard a burst and saw NV lying on the sidewalk. I didn’t understand what was going on. Then I saw JP how to escape – says one of the eyewitnesses to the murder.

They say VN was a good mother and no one is clear what she was looking for with ZP who is much older than her.

The interlocutor also said that she knew that VN had broken up with Ž.P., but that he did not accept.

– We all knew he had a supernatural nature, but no one could have guessed that he would kill – says Kurir’s interlocutor.

He has two children from his first marriage and three more children from VN. Ž.P. otherwise he is the president of Bor SUBNOR.

His acquaintances say they knew he had a gun, ZP is a Serbian army flag and during the NATO bombing he was on guard in Košare.

They add that Ž.P. through a man, but they could not even suspect this tragedy.



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