Saturday , February 29 2020
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Volkswagen has developed a new manual transmission


Although the automobile industry is currently focusing on electrification, VW does not neglect the existing technology.

Regardless of its slow progress, manual gearboxes continue to represent an important share in the global market.

Therefore, the German giant Volkswagen made a new manual gearbox more efficient than its predecessor.

The new manufacturer of VW called MQ281 will debut in the new generation of the past.

They have improved the existing VW gearboxes to improve efficiency, reduce gas emissions and improve smoothness.

VW claims that the new design can withstand loads in the range of 200-340 Nm, so the gearbox will be suitable for different engine variants, both gasoline and diesel.

For example, the pair level mentioned is represented in the VW engines of a 1.0 liter turbocharged, 115-hp TSI gasoline engine for a 2.0 liter TDI turbocompressor with 150 hp.

Manufacturers are forced to reduce the average gas emissions of their cars, in order to improve gasoline and diesel engines, they need more efficient gearboxes, and this is included in the manual for those who prefer to change their speeds independently while driving.

The production of the new VW will take place in the VW plants in Spain and Argentina, and after its debut in the new Passat, it will be possible to find other models of the VW group, from hechbeck to SUVs.

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