Thursday , August 11 2022

A former NASA officer said the truth about aliens


A former employee of NASA told the lawyer about the sorcerersAccording to this man, it's hard to believe.

Norman Bergrun, a member of NASA in the past, told reporters that humanity is in contact with aliens, but this information is very secretive, and usually people will usually not be discovered in the coming decades.

A former engineer in aviation research laboratories personally saw evidence of the alien existence of a camera lens, NASA. Aliens can currently overcome the Solar System.

They also captured aliens, astronauts within the Apollo mission. Photographs that could be seen black from the creation of two meters of growth are immediately classified.

NASA employees often needed to edit images, hiding aliens' traces. Now the activity of aliens, which has been liberating space for more than two decades in the Solar system, has increased significantly. Special attention is paid to aliens Jupiter and Uranus, a former agency official said. In contrast, Jupiter rings are exhaust gases of alien ships.

Norman, incidentally, is not the first to convey unique facts. Last year he talked about Saturn's rings, which are also artificial.

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