Thursday , October 6 2022

A fresh influenza flu series is available in Northamptonshire


A new group of influenza flu is being offered in the environment after those at risk and facing a delay of up to six weeks.

Last month, pharmacists and doctors in parts of Kettering and Corbia were confronted with a void in delivery.

She left a 76-year-old woman who was afraid of the worst of many elderly patients who were unable to have their eyelashes.

Now healthcare leaders in Corbus and across Northampton have announced that a new free-of-charge flu will be available to those at risk.

This year, for the first time, the NHS Guideline is that over 65 years should be offered only a certain version of the influenza vaccine, because it is more effective.

There is only one producer of this vaccine, and the delivery was coordinated at the national level, which meant that the practice and pharmacies were received in stages – 40% was received in September, 20% in October, and now the last 40% series will be received this month .

Matthev Davies, NHS Corbi Medical Director and NHS Nene Clinical Commission, said: "The phase release of the vaccine meant that not all of the 65+ people could get flu from the flu in the fall, as in previous years.

"However, there is enough vaccine and there is still plenty of time for people to be protected during the flu season.

"Influenza is a highly contagious viral disease that can lead to complications, hospital admissions and even death.

"Threatened populations are more at risk of developing complications such as chest infection, tonus infection, ear and sinus infection, meningitis and encephalitis (brain infection), which can be fatal.

"However, a lot of ill health caused by flu can be avoided by receiving influenza (influenza vaccine).

"The vaccine is safe and effective and can reduce the chances of flu and complications by 70 percent.

"Reduces the risk of death from influenza in vulnerable people by 80 percent."

Last year GP practices in Northamptonshire released 134,900 free vaccines for people at target risk groups, but an additional 40 percent (89,250) who were qualified did not receive vaccination.

Joanne Vatt, president of the NHS Corbi CCG, said: "The impact of influenza on people with disabilities and on NHS services that provide direct care. It is important that people have flu vaccinations to protect themselves and others.

"People belonging to any of the following groups should talk to their doctors to reserve vaccination or visit a local pharmacy because they can also provide free flu vaccines.

"Frontline personnel can also contact their health care team."

2018/19 the following people have the right to free flu vaccination:

– All children between the ages of two and nine on August 31, 2018.

– Those aged six months to 64 years in clinical risk groups.

– Pregnant women – Women in any trimester of pregnancy or who become pregnant during the influenza program.

– They are over 65 years old.

– They are in permanent care homes.

– caregivers (informal carers receiving a care allowance or the main prisoner of an endangered person).

– First-line personnel in direct contact with a patient working for primary care, community and acute NHS funds or social care staff employed by registered nursing / caring / homestead care homes or voluntarily managed hospitals who are directly involved in the care of vulnerable people also have the right to free flu vaccines.

Anyone who has doubts as to whether they qualify for free vaccination should contact their doctor.

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