Tuesday , July 5 2022

AFF Suzuki Cup 2018: Indonesia's campaign is breaking rapidly


Indonesia opened its AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 on the wrong foot against Singapore, but there are still three games to rescue its campaign.

When we say this, based on what we saw at a loss in Singapore with the reaction of their fans, this could all be wrong before it started.

Here are five reasons why:

– They refuse their team

Right before the start of the competition at the National Stadium in Singapore, just as the beginners are just starting the match, Indonesian fans are developing a banner or a tie with a strong pronouncement of criticism for their senior team.

He read: "Are you not ashamed of the achievements of your young teams?"

And as if the fate agreed with such a statement, the match ended Garuda, losing a tiny 1-0 against Singapore Lions.

Such a banner additionally reinforces that something uncertain about the preparation of the team and the hopes of the fans who went to this tournament.

– I continue the league right in the middle of the AFF Suzuki Cup

It's a head on the head that the domestic league in Indonesia is still mid-season, and did not even provide a window for the tournament.

Such a move can be detrimental to the success of the team in the Suzuki Cup, as players always work on club matters, not just thinking about Garuda and tournament games.

– Head coach Luis Milla passed the two-year contract a week before the start of Suzuki

Another convincing move by the Indonesian FA is their decision not to drop Luis Milla with the AFF Suzuki Cup that already falls.

Such a departure can only destabilize the team and the appearance of the first match falling apart, Indonesia was not their usual one, without the lack of which could give them a better chance to compete against the host.

Yes, Indonesia may have had enough possession of the ball during the match, but the Lions were threatened in several ranks, as shown by statistics and the final result.

-Tactical lack

What additionally reinforces the doubts that arise at the AUD Suzuki Cup 2018 campaign in Garuda is the lack of team creativity.

Most of the show came from the wings and nothing more. There is a complex passage and construction of games on almost all surfaces of the field, but it comes to the last third, the violation just hit the wall.

Chief coach Bima Sakti's pre-election statement turned out to be true, the game's time came and it became their defeat. Indonesia proved to be predicted at this competition in Singapore.

-Egi Maulana disconnection

In the end, the Indonesian sensation of Lechia Gdansk Egi Maulana did not make the team. With the confidence of the team and the concerns that would lead them to the tournament, they should be the best personnel they could make available even if only for part of the campaign.

Egypt Maulana could respond to Garuda in the FIFA calendar and his talent could be a big boost for the team to get the best chance of pulling positive results.

Now that they missed their first match, if Eg was invited and included in that right from the start, coach Bima Sakti could probably use him in the next line-up within the FIFA calendar that could help turn things around.

But since it was not part of the team, that option is coming out of the window.

With these points, indeed, Indonesia should have great inspiration and motivation in these trials, so that they turn things around and prove to the suspicious.

But as it looks at the moment, they might be to forget the journey of AFF in 2018.

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