Wednesday , September 28 2022

Aliens live on Mars? An UFO researcher remembers a similar fossil structure on the NASA picture


Mars Fossil

UFO Sightings Daili

Scott C Waring, a popular UFO researcher who manages the UFO Sightings Daili website, claims that the fossil image in the picture was taken in the image published by NASA. The researcher found that he spotted this bizarre structure on the home page at Mars Science Laboratories.

After discovering a strange structure like fossil, Scott C Waring argued that Mars had once had a life. He also added that the US space agency does not mind discovering the real truth behind the existence of ancient alien life on a red planet.

"While I was looking at the home page at Mars Science Laboratory, I noticed that they set up a photo with great black fossils on a beautiful front page! How can anyone who has experience in old fossils and artefacts even miss out on NASA really does not care about finding a life or proving that life once existed on other planets, but merely want to release publicly adventurous scientific facts in order to satisfy public curiosity that is called the theory, and NASA perfected it, "Waring wrote on his web site .

Waring also convinced that the object that was spotted on the surface of Mars was undoubtedly fossil.

"There is no doubt that this is an ancient fossil. I found and found many fossils and ancient Indian archers here on earth … I have experience in this field. So, how does NASA can not see it?" added Varing.

However, experts argued that strange objects on Mars could be the result of pareidolia, the strange ability of the human brain to find known objects on unknown structures.

This is not the first time that Scott C Waring discovers bizarre anomalies on the surface of Mars. A few days back, Varing has published some erotic images that were shown by a strange entity, very similar to the beings we've seen in Hollywood movies. Waring also claimed that the building was very alive and suggested it could be a shape that changed shape.

A few weeks ago, a study published in the Earth and Planetari Science Letters suggested that underground regions in Mars could sometimes have optimal conditions for supporting alien life. A study led by Jesse Tarnas, a student at the University of Brovn, showed that the conditions that existed on ancient Mars were very similar to places in a country where there is underground life.

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