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Apple is no longer selling the 12-inch MacBook Air and the MacBook Air (2018), Digital News


With the launch of the new MacBook Air (2019) and the 13-inch MacBook Pro, Apple has discontinued the 12-inch MacBook and the MacBook Air (2018), although you can still find some MacBook and MacBook Air refurbished models of 12 inches. (2018) to your online store.

The 12-inch MacBook was updated in June 2017 and the lack of improvements in the last two years questioned its future. Apple will introduce a new MacBook 12 inches in October or will the end of the training?

The 12-inch MacBook was updated in June 2017.
Photo: Apple

The last generation of MacBook Air was unveiled in October 2018, which was the first great update of the programming since 2015. It has a Retina screen with bevels of 50 for One hundred thinner, an improved design in the form of a wedge, lighter and slim, with a better keyboard. , trackpad and Touch ID.

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