Friday , August 12 2022

Arsenal's Emeri supports the then striker Nkketia to fill Velbeck void – Football


Arsenal coach Unai Emeri supported the then striker Eddie Necketia to fill the void left by Danny Velbeck with a serious injury to the wrist.

Velbeck was put on the stretcher after half an hour from the 0-0 Europa League 0-0 in the home of Sporting Lisbon on Thursday – a result that sealed progress in knockouts.

The club confirmed on Friday that the national team of England suffered a "significant injury to the wrist", although the return date has not yet arrived.

And while Alekandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameiang were attacked in the Premier League, Velbeck played an important role in the Europa League and the Carabao Cup.

Meanwhile, Nkki has yet to play for the Arsenal under Emery, because he was supposed to play against Sporting, before the injury of defendant Stephan Lichtsteiner meant that the Spaniard had to reconsider.

Nketi, 19, last season appeared on the scene while he scored two goals as a replacement for his first debut in the Carabao Cup victory in Norwich – the first of which only 15 seconds after he came down from the bench.

Asked whether Arsenal had to look for an attacker in January after the injury to Velbec, Emery opened the door in England Under-21 internationally.

"First look inside," he said.

"We have an attacker who works well in the younger age of 23 and improves – Eddie Nketiah. He can have a chance, but I think it's early to talk about the possibilities of January."

Arsenal is in the midst of an unbeaten 15-game series that returns to August and welcomes the Vulvsima to the Emirates stadium on Sunday.

They flew 1-1 to Liverpool last weekend in what was probably one of their best performances under Emery to the present.

One of the criticisms leveled at Arsenal began to coincide late, and as it turned against Jürgen Klopp, Emery wants to continue this weekend and beyond.

"Against Liverpool, I think we had more than 90 minutes of the match," he said.

"Our idea is to repeat matches with this pace over 90 minutes. It's not easy because other teams have their moments in the matches. But our idea is to continue to improve this.

"It's about progress in the team. The progress is to continue to build confidence and create tactically different ways to improve.

"The first thing we need to do to improve is to continue our path, with our positioning and aggressiveness, with a ball and without a ball, and then we are taking the confidence to better do all the games.

"Confidence can come first of all from the winning games, and then from when you feel on the field you have the ability to fight potential teams (such as Liverpool)."

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