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Blockchain Consortium Music The first project to be listed on Huobi Korea, Business Nevs


SEOUL, South Korea, November 17, 2018 / PRNewsvire / – Huobi Korea, a subsidiary of the world's third-largest third-largest cyber-sharing platform, Huobi Global, officially announced that the Blocked Consortium Music will be the first project to be listed on its crypto-based platform. Token MZK is a digital currency for the blockchain project Music. The purpose to be stated exclusively on the Korean trading platform is to provide the focused support that is needed to ensure continued growth for the promising project.

Music (left) and Huobi Korea (right) officially announce the partnership
Music (left) and Huobi Korea (right) officially announce the partnership

Huobi Korea selects only the most trusted Korean blockade projects for the exclusive listing options on its trading platform. According to Huobi's Korean CFO Lee Sang Vook, Music was chosen because "he firmly believes that Music is a well-prepared project in all aspects – including content, team capacity, technology advisors and investors … I expect Music to become the first real use – a case for a blockchain technology with a mass adoption of users. "

The listing of Huobi from Korea is particularly significant as it will mark the active and independent expansion of Huobi Global's strategic arm in Korea. From the October 2018, The reorganization of Huobia resulted in the merger of Huobi and HADAKS under the name of Huobi Global. Huobi Global is known in the world of blocks as the world's third largest cryptocurrence exchange that facilitates upward $ 1 billion in the trading of digital assets daily.

Huobi Korea Launches March 2018 shows a dramatic shift in Huobi Global's portfolio management portfolio for projects in South Korea. In practice, this means that although these projects are listed on Huobi Pro and HADAKS available for trade at Huoba Korea, these projects listed in Huoba Korea are exclusive to the launch on the Korean hand of the trading platform. Huobi Korea will focus on providing the best environment for trading Korean crypto investors and projects.

Huobi Korea's decision to provide exclusive access to the listings The music is intended to ensure the success of the aforementioned musical project, as well as to encourage the strategic development of the company's launch in South Korea. In an industry where it is increasingly difficult to separate unicorn projects from today, new collaboration between the two companies signals the potential of the Museum to move in white to use in the event of mass adoption.

O Muzika:
Music site https: //vvv.muzika.netvork/
Music Telegram: https: //
Chinese Telegraph Group for Currency: https: //
VeChat official public number: music-official

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