Monday , September 27 2021

Curiosity Rover sees a strange Martian rock formation

The unusual formation, represented by Chemistry & amp from the Curiosity rover;  Camera (ChemCam) in July 2021.

Not to be missed by the young and advanced Perseverance, NASA Rover has curiosity recent past days imagining interesting rocks at the base of Mount Sharp on Mars, near which the rover landed in August 2012. One such feature is an arc, similar to some of the high geologies present in parts of the Earth“But this bow.” it’s just of approximately 6.5 inches in height.

Raw images of the bow taken late last week were recently made available at Curiosity’s image portal. The structure is located in the Gale crater of Mars, which is almost 4-millennial meteorite impact site which probably contained water at some point in its ancient history, based on the clay and sulphate mineral deposits that existed.

A the base of the Martian mountain, Curiosity met with a training unique enough to arouse the interest of NASA scientists. They had the rover inspected the rock up close using the Chemistry tool and camera, or ChemCam, which can imagine rocks and unpack their chemical composition, and their Stick camera, who takes photos of the terrain.

The rock arch sits unpretentiously on the floor of Gale Crater. It is prominent in the otherwise flat terrain around it that and is slightly offset, with one side of the arch facing the other slightly below its acme. It would seem peculiar even on Earth. Commentators on social media said the training aspect like a cat on a jet ski or the spine of a snake. If you look at the negative space of the arc, it will appear a bit like a crushed map of Britain.

The strange rock (bottom left).

What you see, the texture of the rock is a “particularly whimsical” example of the terrain in the area, Abigail Fraeman, planetary geologist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, wrote in a recent post blog post.

Perseverance, the new Martian rover, has been updated instruminds compared to Curiosity, but this rock is as far from perseverance as it is from New York City to Los Angeles, so our chances of seeing it in more detail are almost nothing. In years to come, however, NASA plans to send a spacecraft to carry Martian rocks to Earth. Perseverance will collect and store memories of samples for eventual recovery, orOne of the most ambitious scientific goals to date in space. These Martian rocks will be the farthest objects from the solar system that humanity will recover.

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