Thursday , October 6 2022

Disney’s new anime series focuses on handsome guys living in bad-inspired magic bedrooms


In a twist, fans could have seen it coming, Twisted Wonderland is receiving one Disney Plus anime adaptation.

Twisted Wonderland is a popular Japanese mobile game in which the player is a newcomer to Night Raven College, an academy of dark magic arts. The student body is divided into seven dormitories, each with its own distinctive features and knowledge, but one thing they have in common is that they are full of handsome young men in neat suits, meticulously styled hair, and slender constructions. . for them by the character designer Yana Toboso, manga creator Black butler.

Given all this, it makes sense Twisted Wonderland gets an anime adaptation. The surprise, though, is that it’s coming Disney Plus, because the houses at Night Raven College are all tributes to iconic Disney villains.

For example, the three characters seen above (in their game forms) are members of the Savanaclaw, Scarabia, and Odavinelle dormitory houses, who take their cues from the antagonists of The Lion King, Aladdin, i The Little Mermaid, respectively.

▼ The emblems of Twisted’s Wonderland’s bedrooms and Night Raven College

Other bad and handsome guys in the cast are attached to villain-related houses Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Hercules, i Sleeping Beauty.

▼ The Twisted Wonderland anime adaptation ad tweet

While Disney adapts many of its merchandise and theme park experiences to suit local Japanese tastes, Twisted Wonderland The game, which is produced in collaboration with Aniplex, is by far the most fujoshi-oriented content ever offered and the anime adaptation that appears on Disney Plus shows that Disney is fully prepared to adopt a tone and aesthetics quite different from the animated content the company is usually known for.

Source: Twitter / @DisneyPlusJP through Hachima Kiko
Top image: Twister Wonderland official website
Insert images: Twister Wonderland official website
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