Sunday , November 28 2021

Doctors called the habit of "killing" the light


The doctors called them privy, Also, the smell from the sucking affects the kidneys and the bladder.

Fog smoke can cause irritation and the throat in the throat, cause severe headache and increased pressure. As a result of breathing, a person may lose consciousness.

All because of the content in this smoke of toxic substances.

We conducted an experiment. He checked the content of carbon monoxide in a man after a nargile and after smoking a half pack of cigarettes. So, the content of carbon monoxide after sitting nargas was ten times more, – says the 52-year-old Otto Rack, the chief physician of the Kiev Health Center.

Nargili is a tobacco product. In the process of smoking he highlights hundreds of times more tarragon than regular cigarettes. The same applies to carcinogens. For example, benzopyrene and formaldehyde. Their content in the air after the nargile session is ten times higher than after a cigarette.

– In addition, light strikes smoke from coal that is burnt in nargon. Why people think it's cleaned, if it's through water or a mixture of water. This is actually a myth. Smoke is smoke. And it's very concentrated. It can even cause cancer of the respiratory tract.

Toxic smoked smoke components also strike the secretion organs. Especially kidneys and bladder. It strikes the health of the cardiovascular system. While the rifle for her may be herpes, various forms of hepatitis, tuberculosis. All these infections thrive on the inner surface of the hookah.

The danger is self dependence on nicotine. Indeed, in nargile mixtures containing nicotine, as in cigarettes, or even more. There is also psychological dependence and social cohesion. The first is that a person gets a relaxing process of blowing a hat. As a result, it is used and can no longer live without it.

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