Monday , March 8 2021

Elton John questions the cry while the leaders meet for the AIDSfree forum: "We have come so far … Now we do not let anyone go back"

World leaders in the fight for a free future of AIDS joined the government ministers in London on Wednesday as a conference organized by The Independent i The Evening Standard with the goal of ending the epidemic.

State secretaries Matt Hancock and Penny Mordaunt welcomed more than 100 delegates to the Global Forum AIDSfree Cities, which marked the culmination of our two-month campaign in collaboration with the Elton John AIDS Foundation to fight against the disease that has claimed 36 million lives.

Sir Elton hosted the event today. "I am delighted that city leaders and health ministers around the world have gathered to push the global fight to end AIDS," he said.

"We have come so far on this trip and we have the medical tools we need to help all people at risk of living with HIV to live a normal life. What we need now is collaboration through cities to have a lasting impact and make sure that no one, wherever you are, is left behind. Today's forum is an example of this, therefore, thanks to everyone involved. "

Evgeny Lebedev, the owner of the two titles, said: "37 million people live with HIV in the news and almost one million died of a disease related to AIDS in 2017. These deaths were preventable HIV is a treatable disease.

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"That's why I am glad that world camp leaders gathered in London for this event. I hope that it is based on the work of the campaign to help achieve a future without AIDS."

The forum, in The Conduit in Mayfair, follows our resource, which was launched on December 3, to reduce HIV rates in the key cities of London, Atlanta, Nairobi, Maputo, Delhi and Kiev.

Through the UK Aid Match, the government promised to duplicate each pound to the public given to our AIDSfree resource. In addition, the Department of Health has committed 1.5 million pounds to finance projects supported by the appeal.

Talking to the forum, the Secretary of Health, Mr. Hancock, detailed how the government would work to ensure that the UK did not have new HIV cases by 2030.

"We are all part of the global solution to this global challenge, so I am very grateful to the Elton John AIDS Foundation and The Independent i Standard Evening to join us, "he said.

"I am proud that Britain has made such an incredible progress to the defeat of AIDS. But we have to go further and lead with the example. So, today we are setting a new goal: to eradicate the transmission of HIV into England by 2030. "

The Secretary of International Development, Ms. Mordaunt reiterated his call, saying: "While the world has made great strides in the approach to HIV and AIDS, we must intensify our efforts. The battle is very far away, especially in the poorer countries where there are still stigmas, lack of awareness and shortages of life-saving medicines.

"AIDS continues to be the largest killer of women of reproductive age in the world, and every week about 7,000 young women are infected with HIV.

"UK Aid Match means that every time the British public gives the AIDSfree appeal, we match your pound for pounds and their generosity goes double. We firmly believe that we can create a future without help for everybody. This is the scale of our ambition. "

The forum focused on the "90-90-90" target of the United Nations, which aims to achieve at least 90 percent of people with HIV knowing their status, 90 percent These are in treatment and 90 percent of those who received treatment have an "undetectable viral load", where the levels of virus in the blood are so low that it can not occur.

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