Saturday , May 8 2021

Facebook can use your photos to target the whole family with advertisements – BGR

Facebook is currently caught from all sides. For the past 24 hours, Salesforce Director Marc Benioff compared the negative side of the company with the dependent potential of cigarettes. We learned that Apple's Tim Coook's comments on privacy were ranked by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for years. And massive New York Times The investigation has posted Facebook COO Sheril Sandberg in an extremely negative light.

But when you are the largest social network on the planet, the show has to continue – and, in fact, the new patent shows that Facebook can be able to take over its ability to handle data to a new level.

In May, the company filed a patent application that was released today and provides details about an algorithm that looks at things in a photo, such as a face, and uses such data to build a household profile. This would potentially facilitate your ad targeting throughout the family.

Explains The Verge in the work today, "Facebook can already analyze a lot of information to find out who is in the same household Marketing land, checks the relationships people make on their profiles, whether people, inter alia, cite the same surnames or locations, as well as shared life events or event checks.

"The system described in the new patent will include an even more sophisticated level of data mining.The proposed model would combine data from photos with tags, descriptions, poster IP address, a Facebook user list using the same address and potentially other details. how many people were in the household, with various demographic data. "

Information, of course, that would love the advertiser.

Some important reminders: First, a standard waiver of the company's responsibility to patronize all the time they never behave. Second, like The Verge's paragraph notes, the text in the patent application is somewhat broad. "The description describes how hyper-targeting users are based on the size of the household, the characteristics of household members, the common interests, which household members use which electronic devices and whether these users are members of Facebook." Certainly this could end with the technology described in the patent for something other than the ad's needs.

The company often leaves a lot of space for walking and leaves an unclear tongue along these lines. When it comes to the recently launched video chat for the Facebook portal for the home, the company has indicated that it will use data, for example, from Portal, for example – to target ads on other platforms. The new patent, however, is clear that it will cover only photos posted by users – not video or private content of the content. For now, we'll have to wait and see if Facebook is once again cooking another way to target ads to your massive user base.

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