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India and Singapore mark 25 years of SIMBEX with great military exercises


India and Singapore are planning "unprecedented military exercises" during SIMBEKS (Singapore-Indian Maritime Bilateral Exercise) which will take place from November 10 to 21, near the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal, as the joint exercise ends 25 years.

The Ministry of Defense announced that SIMBEX 2018 will be "the largest since 1994 in terms of scope and complexity".

The initial phase light will be held in Port Blair from November 10 to 12, and then the Phase of the Sea in the Andaman Sea.

The second phase light from November 16 to 19 will be held in Visakhapatnam.

The final maritime phase would be held in the Bengal Gulf from November 19 to 21. High-level delegations, including the relevant defense ministries, will also hold exercises, including advanced weapons layoffs, indicating a new level in the series.

"The 25th edition will be testament to a variety of exercises on board, from firearms training, including multiple missile releases, HVT and mid range pistols or submarines, advanced submarine training, submarine rescue demonstrations, integrated surface and airborne war (AAV), unmanned aircraft operations (UAVs) and a battleship helicopter that flies among other things, "the statement said.

"The counting of missiles and torpedoes that are being undertaken are actually unprecedented and perhaps the largest Indian Navy with any foreign navy. And this year, we would also testify on the highest numbers and different platforms on which both sides are," he added.

During the annual marathon of the Vizag-Nava, social evenings and joint cultural programs, a silver jubilee meeting will take place, various professional and coaching interactions, a journey of friendship within a radius of 10 km during the festival of the port in celebration of the 25th anniversary.

The Indian navy will be Ranvir, INS Ranvijai; two missiles 17 multi-role stealth frigates – INS Satpura and INS Sahiadri; Project 28 ASV corvette INS Kadmatt; Project rocket corvettes 25A, INS Kirch; Ship's submarine INS Shakti; submarine class Sindhughosh, INS Sindhukirti; P8I maritime patrol and long-range ASV airplane; Dornier 228 Marine patrol aircraft; Mk 132 Havk AJT and integral helicopters such as UH3H, Seeking 42 B, Seaking 42C and Chetak to use helicopters.

The Singapore Navy will be presented by two Clash of the Clones, RSS Formidable and RSS Steadfast; one Littoral mission of RSS Unites boat; two rocket corvettes, RSS Vigor and RSS Valiant; Archer class Submarine, RSS swordsman; Deep-sea rescue vehicle (DSRV); Fokker F50 marine reconnaissance aircraft; S70B helicopters have entered and airport systems are drone unmanageable.

The Indian Navy recently received its own DSRV and demonstrated its capability at sea on the west coast.

The sea phase of this year's edition runs under the command of the last Admiral Dinesh Tripathi, a flag agent who commands the Eastern Fleet, who will take over the coat commander's tasks.

Deputy Commander of the Singapore Navy Task Group will be Ho Jee Kien, CO 188 rocket squadrons for the sea phase 1 and Col Lim Iu Chuan, CO 185 Classification Class Frigate CO for the second sea phase.

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