Kanye West gives a 10-minute monologue in the overseas White House office during a visit to President Donald Trump and the legendary NFL Jim Brovn.

Kanie West has a new Broman beer.

Reaper "I Love It" rapper Твиттер On Wednesday, he would share his 28 million followers with a karaoke session with never-ending other than Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Their Song of Selection: Backstreet Bois & # 39; 1999 classic "I Vant It That Vai."

In the open image, the West and Zuckerberg, friends of friends joined in while removing "… Tell me why, it's nothing but a heart."

However, Twitter has shot a picture with a grain of salt, as Internet laws say it did not happen unless there are no shots to prove it.

User @ Bleeeeechers said "Video or it did not happen."

Other users were looking for an audio karaoke that will be added to Kanyei's upcoming album. "There will be a bonus song on the album," tveeted user @ Villiam Turton.

In 2016, the West asked Cuckerberg to invest a billion dollars in him after the controversial rapper claimed "$ 53 million in personal debt," but it seems that everything is now under the bridge.

"Invest $ 1 billion in Karae west karaoke," said user @ lmccabe55.

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