Sunday , October 2 2022

Meat, gelatinous mud attacks the coast of Minea – BGR


There are many interesting things to see if you hold your head under ocean waves. There are beautiful fish and crabs, and in fact, a whole bunch of other magical creatures. That is, unless you get beneath the surface from the coast of Maine, where you will instead welcome an army of strange muds that you really should not be there.

Local news Bangor Daili Nevs Reports, strange shiny, sad colors in the body are creatures known as the "sea shards". There are many different types of marine corms – officially called braids – but those who crossed the coast of Maine looked like a crushed pancake dough. Okay!

So, why are they suddenly appearing near Maine? Scientists believe that unusually hot water along the coast allowed creatures to thrive where they could not otherwise spread. Over the past few years there has been a bunch of new arrivals with warm waters, including invasive species of marine algae and crustaceans.

Sea floods do not really work much after they find a place to close. These are filtering filters that suck in water and are fed to any part of the floating material. They may look harmless, but they can be the main headache for fishermen and scientists because of their habit of catching up with structures and even networks that are used to collect crabs.

Shoes also have the habit of musculating other species that feed on the underground bottom. They can completely cover large areas and reproduce rapidly, making it more difficult for other animals to survive. Their natural predators, including crabs, but reproduce faster than they can hunt, making it virtually impossible to keep the population.

As for what can be done about animals like blue, no one really has a solution. Killing them over water is easy enough, but stopping the growing numbers on the bottom of the ocean is obviously a more challenging task.

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