Tuesday , May 11 2021

Negotiations on border barriers have continued


Talks on border barriers to PNG and other economies of the APEC have continued over the past 30 years and is not something that will happen overnight, said the executive director of the APEC Secretariat in Singapore, Dr Alan Bollard.

"We are trying to identify and work on re-examining traditional border barriers, which means tariffs and barriers beyond borders, so there will be reports of structural reforms that will come out of something," Dr Bollard said in explaining issues such as tariff increases in PNG.

The structural reforms mentioned by dr. Bollard talks about the use of a policy of removing barriers that stand in the way of people and economic opportunities in the context of a market economy.

The structural reform agenda is organized into three pillars that include, develop a more open, more transparent and competitive market, deepen the participation of all segments of society and establish sustainable social policies.

Dr. Bollard said that the case would be a case from PNG on how to deal with state reforms and reforms in enterprises and added that "this is typical of what we tried to do in APEC, we asked for best practices from across the region and we put it principles from all of that. "

He said that for the upcoming barriers they are seeking testing of digital, not just physical ones, "and we hope that we will have some announcements from ministers about their progress."

Dr. Bollard said that this year's various innovation in applications was highlighted during APEC meetings, such as the APEC's bilaying application and the voting database in block technology technology.

"That's what we see to be flooding on technologies where we can use them for separate areas," he said.

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