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Overwatch League to End Goats Goal with a new system for blocking roles


According to various reports, Blizzard plans to effectively end up with the three tanks, three metadata (or "goal") that have become the norm in most of the League Overwatch games and have been a frequent complaint among viewers .

In an original Upcomer report, the sports news site said that several sources in the Overwatch League told them that Blizzard will implement a 2-2-2 game block for teams that will begin in the fourth league stage as of July 25.

According to PC Gamer, former Baek "Fissure" pro, Chan-hyung, which was the first deposit of the Seoul dynasty, repeated the rumor in a stream shortly after his retirement announcement. Chan-hyung echoed that the blockade of 2-2-2 functions had already been decided for phase four of the League.

"I am now retired, so I'll say so. The next stage, stage 4, 2-2-2, is decided," said Chan-hyung, according to various translations of this Twitch clip.

2-2-2 usually refers to two assault / defense characters, two tanks and two healers / brackets. In previous stages of the Overwatch League, the goal "GoATS" (three healers, three tanks) had evolved towards the predominant composition of the equipment, taking into account the elevated pools of the tank and how difficult it would be to eliminate a closed tank up to three. support characters. Although even the Goats' goal had its variations, it almost always meant that certain characters would not receive any game time, such as Reaper, Symmetra, Soldier 76 or Mei, to name just a few.

The move to block players in the League at 2-2-2 could alter team balances based on GOATS goal. In addition to this, the measure is against what the director of Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan, told Kotaku last year, said that a system of rigid closure " # Spirit of the game ".

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