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The "Homecoming" star is Kueen's returning career


JULIA Roberts is really great in 2018.

After the first few months of the year, watching her family drama Miracle climb the fourth place on her personal list of all time, she will return to the big screen shortly after the Oscars Ben is back opposite Lucas Hedges, and is currently on Amazon in her first television series, Homecoming.

It's a great day to be a fan of Julia Roberts.

There is only one word that I do not want to hear in the next few months: return.

It is the word that followed Julia Roberts from the beginning of her career, partly in response to her meteoric growth beautiful woman 1990. year. This film was a gigantic blockbuster (the fourth for that whole year, he was beaten up like him Die Hard 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and two films by Schwarzenegger), won Roberts her second Oscar nomination for so many years, and immediately made Julia Roberts the world's biggest female movie star.

And since then, we apparently predicted a fall.

So much so that whenever Roberts had an unimaginably fortunate chance to follow the cube with another hit – you know, the way they're traveling – the press would shower by talking about her big return.

Even a little backward, you can see how this "reverse" label was misused – and how it was also often applied to return from a period of dysfunction with great amusement, such as after leaving Kiefer Sutherland to the altar, or when She married Lila Lovet and broke all the brains.

After double success beautiful woman i Sleep with the enemy, Roberts a) broke up with Saterland three days before their scheduled June 1991 wedding, and then b) appeared as Tinkerbell in Steven Spielberg's wrong Hook, one of the most famous poorly-reviewed films of the nineties.

Roberts made a two-year break from making films (except for the short camera of Robert Altman Player) before she returned as a leader, opposite Denzel Washington, Pelican Brief.

You would have thought that Orpheus himself gave up the depth of hell as he analyzed and studied Roberts' screen.

Pelican Brief was another hit of $ 100 million, even if more people wanted to talk about their marriage with Lovet at that time. The film has managed to retain the reputation of one of the big '90s' trillers.

However, Roberts's attempt to expand his brand above the carbonated comedies and trumpets of the potboiler put on him a terrifying "silence", especially after one or two strokes Marie Reilly, Michael Collins i Everyone says I love you 1996. year.

America wanted much from Julie Roberts. What they did not want was whispering panic as a servant of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide, nor were they all interested in Julia as a love interest to Irish revolutionary heroes, or as a couple of Voody Allen's songs.

So, again, by then My most beautiful friendly weddings He came, it was a national holiday that Roberts was returning to a romantic comedy genre where we all loved him.

People a magazine at that time, rowers and balloons were fairly hung on this occasion, even if Roberts's words on the road of publicity expressed some kind of disappointment when crossing these hoops:

"Roberts's decision to do so Wedding shows that after several years more and more sophisticated career choices (Marie Reilly, Michael Collins, Ready to wear), she learned to light up and return to the sexy, funny roles that a crazy girl had once turned into a star. In March last year, Roberts set a film for filmmakers at the ShoVest Convention in Las Vegas: "My hair is a beautiful shadow of red and very long and curly as you like it, for the love of God, watch this movie!"

My most beautiful friendly weddings turned out to be one of the best romantic comedies of the decade – funny how Roberts continues to make great movies over and over again, almost as if the reports of her career in life support were always exaggerated – and he started one of the strongest parts of her career, including and a solid thriller Conspiracy theories, predetermined for lifetime on the cable Stepmom, 1999 rom-com bonanzas who were Notting Hill i runaway Bride, who graduated from the Academy for the year 2000 Erin Brockovich.

It's deeply ironic that all actors and actors who won the Oscars on the back of the "return" narrative, Julia Roberts was not one of them.

From there, Roberts' career was a little less susceptible to falls, because a) the statue of the statue at least for some time, the Hollywood teflon, and b) she continued to make Ocean's movies that might not have been Julia Roberts, but they were still easy to make whenever they were Full Frontal or (uzah) Duplicate flopped.

This did not stop the press from showing the "return" of the label Eat, pray, love in 2010, and when this movie was fine in financial terms (and slightly less than it is critically critical), a terrible "failed return" label.

Another nomination for the 2013 Oscars August: Osage district he closed the criticism enough, but that was unexpectedly unexpected Miracle Last year that attracted everyone's attention. And since it was an unexpected blockbuster, these "reverse" narratives did not even have the opportunity to shape themselves. What may be bad; the return of the narration could have led to the nomination for the best auxiliary actress.

This season's prize, he will try to drive his career to his fifth career Ben is back, where he plays an emotionally opposed mother on the return-reaction of drugs by Lucas Hedges.

This is the point: if you have to write new "reverse" stories for an actor every couple of years, it means that she never disappeared. Quite often, these reverse stories arise from the perception that another actor has stopped to take her perceived American purple crown.

Meg Ryan coincided with the early ninety elevations with Roberts' pre-Pelican Brief exile. The very existence of Sandra Bulok cited criticism not to drop dirt on Roberts's suitcase at once (pre-My most beautiful friendly weddings 90s), but twice (earlier Eat, pray, love, when it was reported that Roberts went to both the proposal i Blind side).

The rush that continued to declare career Julius Roberts, wakes up again, again dead, and then still alive, points to any number of ways Hollywood makes the actors jump through the ring and compete against each other.

This week, Julia Roberts is the star of the new Amazon TV series, pretty good Homecoming. It's not a return. It's not her last chance. That's the next for an actor who stubbornly refused to leave.

This article was originally published at The Decider and was reproduced with permission.

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