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Singapore leaders are looking for a smooth transition: PM Lee

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong with High Minister Emeritus Goh Chok Tong on the launch of Tall Order: The story of Goh Chok Tong, which the prime minister said was particularly timely, as the main theme is restoration of the leader, and the next Singapore-led design team. ST PHOTO: GAVIN FOO

It is necessary to confirm the culture of renewable ranks, team work, he says on the launch of ESM Goh.


Ek-Marine has been identified as a suspect in mass shooting in California

All victims were killed in a bar in the outskirts of Hundred Oaks, including officers called on the scene. PHOTO: AFP

A fireman opened fire in a crowded bar of southern California, popular with students, killing 12 people, including a sheriff's deputy, in the latest American mass shootout that has stunned the community with a reputation for security.


GE as early as next year? It depends on several factors

Capture the photo of people who voted at the polling station in Canton Elementary School on September 11th, 2015. PHOTO: ST FILE

Will Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong earlier announce general elections – the next year – will depend on several factors, political observers say.


Structure of the ridge to promote the coral growth installed on the Sisters' islands

Each of the 10-meter structures will form a three-story "terrace" where the coral can be developed and grown. ST PHOTO: ONG VEE JIN

The installation represents an important expansion of conservation efforts on the southern islands of Singapore, whose islands of Sisters are part and parcel of the Grov-a-Reef Garden project, the cooperation between the JTC and the National Park.


Citizens' Council ek-GM graft trial: Funds were paid for dinners, karaoke come from different sources

The public prosecutors went through a handwritten book on the record of these costs, led by the director of Chia Sin Lan (top) and his business partner, Mr. Tai Eng Chuan. PHOTO: ST FILE

Funds paid for dinner and karaoke sessions for the general manager of the former city council were claimed on the fifth day of the trial.


The Straits Times has 9 awards at the Asian Digital Media Awards for innovative multimedia content

(To the left), news editor, Mak Mun San, SPH Editor-in-Chief Glen Garry Francis, Eugene Leov, head of the digital strategy for the English / Malay-Tamil media group SPH, Devi Murniati Srivahiuto, SPH Client Solutions Manager, and Gaurav Sachdev, SPH's Chief Production Agent, in the Asian Digital Media Awards in Hong Kong on November 8, 2018. PHOTO: GLEN FRANCIS

Straits Times' efforts to engage their young online audience and explore innovative ways of storytelling recognized the award for nine awards in Asian digital media awards.


The father acknowledges that he hit the baby's crying, causing multiple skull fractures

Only six months and without defensiveness in the mother's wings, the baby's plaque was bearing the greatest weight of the father's frustration when a man struck the head of the boy so hard that led to multiple fractures of the skull.


Football: Fandi promises that his Lions will be a strong fighter against Indonesia at the opening of Suzuki Kupa

(To the left) Captain of Indonesia Hansam Iama and coach Bima Sakti with Singapore coach Fandi Ahmad and captain Hariss Harun at a Suzuki Cup press conference on September 8, 2018 at a news conference in Suzuka, Asean. ST PHOTO: BENJAMIN SEETOR

Lions are itching and want to go against Indonesia in their opening of the Asean Football Association Suzuki Cup at the national stadium.


Shine Guide: Lowering with brown makeup for polished look

They are brown in shadows for naked makeup at any time of the year. PHOTO: BURNS BROWN SURGERY

A clear mood can be seen in some fashion magazines around this time of year. Think about the models with lipstick and a shiny eye shadow, which swing around and look thoughtful in big sweaters.


The Dutchman, 69, filed a lawsuit to reduce the age of 20 years in order to get to know more about jobs

Mr. Emile Ratelbrand, an entrepreneur and self-help guru, hope that the legal downing of his age for 20 years will make him more fortunate with women, especially when embarking on Tinder. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM IOUTUBE

The 69-year-old Dutchman who claims to be young and feels young now wants to be legally lowered for 20 years.


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