Thursday , August 11 2022

WARNING OF TRIGGER: Graphical details of the talk by Jung Joon Young shows the members who confess to violate, miss the victims of violations of Japanese occupation and racism


As the consequences of Jung Joon YoungThe group chat continues, it was reported that his phone contained videos of violated women and that a member of the group's chat had been reserved for rape. Well new registrations Show members of the chat group that talk about women of comfort in a derogatory way and also describe women who drug up and violate.

T: Our poor X and Y (names of two women with whom they had sex).
K: S had sex with X and Y yesterday, how was it?
T: Give the phone number of X and Y.
K: X and Y are like women of comfort.

Jung Joon Young: I'm about to get on the plane.
K: Wow we will miss, really.
Jung Joon Young: Haha, when I am still going to have sex with Korean women, I will call them in my place and I will do it there and then they will leave. The German buttocks are huge.
Q: Return safely.
K: German vagines smell of sausages.
Jung Joon Young: It's not too bad. It will be exciting.

Jung Joon Young: She is also legitimately bad.
P: smell of vagina XX.
Jung Joon Young: She's also doing drugs.
K: She ascended to the whore state. You have my respect, little brother, with XX
Q: After feeding your sleeping pills, I did it in my chest, I did it in the vagina, I went back to the throat and ended my mouth.

Q: It's XX. Nobody has losses of this material.
K: Well.
Q: Really. It only assumes that I have to have them. If I flee, then I will be the ass again.
K: Is the XX vagina hairy?
Q: No, when he makes sex with XX, he is more sexy than anyone.
K: Do it again with XX.

You can not imagine that comparing women who treat as sub-human sex toys compared to victims of Japanese imperial sexual slavery will be fine. Unreal

As for sleeping pills, I can not see a scenario in which a woman is surrounded by sleeping pills and then accepts a sexual encounter, so it's only a violation. Taking into account the reports on what is on Jung Joon Young's phone, I guess it should not be surprising that the group chat members would come up with it, but it is still amazing to see it mentioned as if it were a day more.


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