Saturday , August 13 2022

You can buy the best phone charger


Why do you like: Aukei Dual Port USB-C and USB wall charger work with all three ordinary charging cables – Lightning Cable, Micro USB and USB-C.

Whether you want to turn on the iPhone 8 Plus, the Microsoft Surface tablet, the 12-inch MacBook or many other devices, the Aukei Dual Port USB-C and USB 56.5-inch wall charger is ready to deliver juices. In fact, it can be used to power two devices at once and even those using different types of cables.

The compact charger has a USB-C port as well as a standard USB output (often referred to as a retro-USB A for reference) that works with Apple's lightning cables and all other cables equipped with a standard USB end.

When not in use, the collar of this compact charging adapter may overlap for easy storage or packaging in a bag or briefcase. When using the Aukei Dual Port USB-C and the USB 56.5-Watt Vall Charger, appreciate the fact that its internal hardware protects your devices from excessive power, overheating and overload.

With about 200 comments posted on Amazon at the time of this writing, the Aukei Dual Port USB-C and USB 56.5-Watt Vall Charger enjoys an average grade of four stars.

One reviewer called Brandon, a "software developer" [who] for a hungry appliance throughout the day at work, "it is reported that" there is no problem "with the charger due to long-term use, even adding that it was planning to buy another one. And as a user of the Aukei charger, I enter its enthusiasm.

Also, since even the best wall charger for the smartphone is as good as the cables you use with it, we recommend Anker cables. If you want to charge your iPhone fast, you should buy Apple USB-C to lightning cord.

Pros: Supports multiple types of cables, protects against overcrowded and overvoltage, supported by a two-year warranty

Cons: It becomes warm during use

Buy Aukei Dual Port USB-C and USB 56.5-Watt Vall Charger on Amazon for $ 35

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