Sunday , June 26 2022

A man did not want to pay his luggage: a genius trick


Ryanair introduced new restrictions on hand luggage. Passengers have decided to cheat new rules in big style!

Thirty-year-old Lee Cimino, who comes from the English city of Leek, disagrees with the new accusations brought by the airline for luggage. So, that he will be wrapped in a coat on his way to Belfast! Yes, the only old, dense coat, he could keep everything Liu needed. He had lingerie, shirt, brush and other toiletries.

"It was a plain coat whose pocket was clinging to keep his shirt and shirt, and he was big enough to carry everything he needed." Lee said that He went through the airport control. All he had to do was to remove his coat and put it on the belt to pass through the scanner. He added that everything was fine while he expected to be nervous.

He claims he did not break the rules because he had all the things in his clothes. It's your trick allegedly ready to repeat again to avoid the latest accusations. It's just a question of whether he can do this because he publicly presented his knowledge. Facebook has uploaded photos and videos of the whole event.

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