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AirPower has been canceled for years! Apple could not make its own loading platform


Apple iPhones allow wireless charging since 20xx. However, their owners have always been dependent on wireless third-party chargers because this company in California has not submitted any of them. And it seems that it is not presented. Officially, they canceled the development of the AirPower platform.

Apple introduced the AirPower platform for the first time in September 2017. It is a product through which you can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time without needing to use a cable. Unfortunately, we never saw a real product. Company constantly postponed official performance and after not having seen AirPower even in the demonstration of iPhone XS last year, we were aware that something was not going well.

Now, Apple has officially confirmed that AirPower is canceled and customers can not wait. "After a great deal of effort, we decided that AirPower could not meet our high standards and, therefore, canceled this project" said Vice President of hardware development, Dan Riccio. "We apologize for all the customers eager to launch it."

According to a report by Sonny Dickson, who often publishes filtered information from large companies, Apple has had several manufacturing problems. The largest was in the form of overheating. The washer was supposed to create too much heat that could not cool and which caused the performance to deteriorate.

AirPower Pad watched on the new Apple AirPods | Source: @JonyIveParody,

Although Apple has failed to develop, it deserves some praise in some way. It is better to stop the production of the pad than to introduce a product that accompanies the problems. They have worked hard on their development and have tried to bring it to perfection in recent years. It even seems to be with him until recently, they had been counting. Several reports in March said AirPower's production will begin this month, and IOS 12.2 has found a code that refers to AirPower. Even in the package of new AirPods we can find information about it. Unfortunately, even a great company like Apple does not always have to leave …

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