Monday , April 12 2021

Antik began offering an app for Samsung TV. It will also add another well-known brand

The operator has made available a new version of the TV platform for the system.

Antik announced that it has started providing its own Samsung TV app. Customers do not need a set-top box for service.

“For more than a year, we have been developing a new user interface for TV services, which will gradually serve all compatible platforms. We look forward to today being able to convey to our customers the first feeling of the third generation of the Antik menu on Samsung TVs, ”said Vlastimil Lakatoš, Antim TV service manager.

The “AntikTV” app is available for Samsung TVs with the Tizen system with a production year of 2017 and later. The channels are available with the highest quality available and a modern and economical HEVC codec is also used.

“Each TV show is available for free for 5 minutes. The 14-station inbound package allows for free monitoring on a permanent basis, ”the provider specified.

145 stations for 3.9 euros

The free package includes RTVS, regional TV or Noah TV. The package of 145 stations used in the Slovak Republic costs 3.9 euros per month. The service includes a total of more than 200 stations.

Antik claims that the user interface brings a new perspective on content. Depending on the operator, it doesn’t matter if it’s available live, on a video rental or on file.

“For the first time, the main menu is based on the aggregation of content, regardless of where the specific sessions really are. Thus, the viewer will find the object of their interest much faster than in the past,” says l ‘operator.

AntikTV is available in operator decoders, TVs with Android TV, Apple TV, and this year, according to the company, an app for LG TVs will be added. The expansion of availability should continue later.

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