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Constitutional Court: they still have not found compensation for Kresak to the commission

The Coalition and the opposition have a balanced number of members after the withdrawal of Kresak from the committee.

29. Jan 2019 or 11:36 TASR

BRATISLAVA. The new member of the constitutional commission, which would replace Petr Kresák (Most-Híd), has not yet been found.

Novinář confirmed on Tuesday the vice-president of parliament Andrej Hrnčiar (Most-Híd), with his club still not concluding this question.

However, the result is waiting in a few hours.

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Number of votes balanced

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Kareik resigned from the committee because, as a candidate for a constitutional court, he did not want to participate in the vote on the committee on this matter.

However, his absence caused the coalition and the opposition to have a current balanced number of members to the committee, which caused the absence of an opinion on whether the terms were met of the constitutional judge or not.

Danko does not want to decide for himself

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However, the parliamentary rapporteur Andrej Danko (CIS) insists that the commission also have to decide on the exprimer as it did with the remaining 39 candidates.

That is before the elections to the plenary session, which is scheduled for Thursday.

"We had a club, it will continue, and if we do some sort of solution, the coalition partners will know it first," said Potter.

The game also includes the possibility that Most-Hide leave the seat of the coalition partner on this board.

"All alternatives are open, even if we do, and we will not have it," he said.

The situation, which is expected to vote again in the commission of Fico as a candidate, described Potter as chaotic.

"Where there are three lawyers, there are four opinions, and at this moment I am not sure what chaos is," he added.

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