Monday , April 12 2021

Czech researchers are testing a new drug for coronavirus. The substance should be inhaled

Medications that help healthcare professionals fight COVID-19 are a valuable weapon, but the arsenal of doctors around the world is still very limited.

It could be expanded by a team of Czech scientists who are convinced that the test substance could be used in covids.

“This molecule is called bazedoxifene,” Martina Vašáková (pictured), head of the pneumology clinic at Thomayer Hospital in Prague, who is participating in the project, speaks for

This is not a new word for the professional public, the substance is already used, for example, for the treatment of osteoporosis (bone thinning), but Czech experts think that its potential could be even greater, it could also help in the fight against covid.

“The substance could be administered by inhalation, which would achieve a high concentration in the lungs and act both against the virus itself and against an exaggerated immune response.” explains Vašáková. It is precisely immunity that often complicates the work of doctors.

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