Tuesday , October 26 2021

First problems with the wedding and now: Vondráčková ex is married for the second time!


In 2018, Tomáš Plekanec suddenly announced that he and his wife Lucia Vondráčková were not doing well. And soon he had a new girlfriend: tennis player Lucia Šafářová. In December 2019, they even became the parents of a common daughter.

Wedding numbers first

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At that time, however, Tomáš was not yet divorced. Only after a year of disputes did they agree with Vondráčková that they would not fight together and try to reach an agreement. Finally, the Czech court divorced them in April 2020. And a few months later, Tomáš asked for a hand from his second Lucia.

But the wedding was in sight. And not just for the coronavirus. “The wedding is planned, but it’s still suspended. I’m stupid he had an expensive divorce, so he won’t want to invest so much in the second wedding.” announced in April in a program of the program 7 falls of the athlete Honza Dědek.

So in the end, they apparently opted for a modest celebration. They managed to keep the whole wedding secret and revealed it only with photos on the social network. Congratulations to the couple!

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