Sunday , April 11 2021

Gmail on smartphones and tablets is undergoing a great redesign. We can expect the new design of materials

company google begins with a new distribution Design material to the application Gmail to smartphones and tablets. However, a large update of applications does not provide a completely different design of the application and the user interface, but also of new features and improvements.

Brief description of the novelties to the request

"Today we launched the year with the new look of Gmail on a mobile phone. Inside the new design you can View attachments quickly as photos without opening or moving through a conversation via email. It is also easier to change a personal account to another one after another so you can access all the emails without making any effort. As in the web, you will receive large red warnings that point to suspicious items / emails, " said Gmail's product manager, Nikolus Ray.

Design of materials in all applications

The implementation of a new design language within the Gmail mobile application was waited or not. Google has begun distributing material design for years. Google has implemented a new design language throughout the ecosystem in a matter of months. Recently, they have maintained several mobile apps, such as Gmail or G Suite.

Wait for a nearby update

You should not panic unless your app has been updated yet. The distribution of the update started only a few hours and should be available for a few weeks for all devices.

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