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Hapal ahead of the premiere with Ukraine: Making the maximum for success

With Pavel Hapal as the head coach, the Slovakian team will enter the new era, starting with the five-year match B of the League League with Ukraine. The successor Jan Kozak has a complete team, and the players trained on Monday without any sight, with the exception of Stanislav Lobotka. Celta Vigo, whose problems with a member of the wrist article, are decided by doctors.

The Slovaks are in the first group of the B division of the League of Nations after two games in the last third without points. If they want to avoid going to the "cake", they have to pay the Czech Republic 1: 2 to measure domestic power. Czech Republic has three points, and Ukraine with nine will definitely move to the first division. Slovak football players want Ukraine to set a duel in Prague with a positive result and takes care of debuting the new head of the bench. "For both of us are important, we will make them the best for success, which is a win for us, we have to win in the Czech Republic, in any case we want to collect as many points as possible to qualify to the best position" he said Hapal.

Miroslav Stoch of Slavia Praha, who returned to the national team for the first time since the 2016 European Championship, was also included in his first nomination. The Czech sailor did not make any major changes, and the cadres were made by players who played under their predecessor. However, the style of the game will change. "We certainly work on the style of the game that we want to introduce, we have the idea that we want to keep, and of course we will prepare for each duel separately, but if we want to stay in the group, we have to win in the Czech Republic to win the goal or we will have to get bigger differences I want to invite spectators to come to encourage us. The Trnava Stadium is nice and even the players who can satisfy the fans are the most important. There is the most important first match and then we focus on the Czech Republic, " pointed out Hapal.

The new Slovak record holder in the number of international matches Marek Hamshik believes that he and his teammates beat Ukrainians and Czechs. "We will try to get as many points as we can in this double game, we know it will not be easy, but these are the teams we played with equally, so we can win now."

Marek Hamshik
Marek Hamšik at the Spectacular Representation of Slovakia (photo: TASR)

Ukrainian football coach Andriy Shevchenko plans to see several new players on the match at the match with Slovakia and Turkey (November 20 in Antalya). His nominations appeared on the stand that awaits the fight in the national A-team, which are defenders Vasil Kravec, Ihor Plastun and Vitaly Mikkolenko, from the strikers Andrej Borjacuk and Marjan Sved. "These players have shown themselves well in the youth teams and, in addition, they play high-quality performances in their clubs, and we see the perspective of our young players and we think we should get a chance, have a responsibility towards the fans and we can risk it, but convinced I'm going to have a competitive team in both of them, and now is the time to make a picture of the players our team can play in the future " quotes shevchenko. Most "yellow-blue" players have captain Andriy Pyatov (84 interstate matches), legendary Schalke 04 Gelsenkirchen Jevhen Konoplanka (75 games / 18 goals).

The Slovak-Ukrainian match starts on Friday, November 16, at 20.45 in the Anton Malatinski stadium in Trnava. Judges from Montenegro, headed by the chief Nikola Dabanovic, RTVS will tell the unit. In the first match between the League of Nations, the Slovakians lost 0: 1 in the 80th minute of the eleventh Andrew Jarmolenko. It was played on September 9 in Lviv in front of an empty stand. After the match with Ukraine, Slovak football players will be presented on Monday, November 19 at 20.45 in Prague against the Czech Republic.

Group B of the League of Nations Group (Friday, November 16 at 20:45, Antone Malatinski Stadium in Trnava):
SLOVAKIA – Ukraine
/ Referees: Dabanovic – Djukic, Djikanovic (all CH) /

expected assembly SR: Dubravka – Sabo, Skrtel, Skriniar, Hubocan – Kuchka, Gregus – Mak, Hamshik, Stoch – Nemec

the remaining program of the 1st group of the B division of the League of Nations:
Monday, November 19:
20.45 Czech Republic – SLOVAKIA / Prague /

1. Ukraine 3 3 0 0 4: 1 9 – A certain move in A Division
2. Czech Republic 3 1 0 2 3: 4 3
3. SLOVAKIA 2 0 0 2 1: 3 0

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