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Have you activated the Xbox Game Pass and don’t know where to jump first? These are the top 15 games in a subscription

Make sure you don’t miss them.

In recent years, Microsoft has been pushing hard to get its Xbox Game Pass subscription service, which will give you access to nearly two hundred games for just $ 9.99 a month. And it pushes it so much that all the games that come from the first part of Microsoft’s studios (i.e., the upcoming Halo Infinite) are included in the subscription on the day of release.

So, we’ve decided to put together a list of games you can’t miss by subscribing to. Think of this as a list of games you should play after activating your subscription, and we’ll update this list regularly.

However, the rules are that we focus primarily on games that are available on a subscription to the Xbox One console, and the selection is also limited to one game in the series.

And when we subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft is once again offering the option to get a 3-month subscription with three months of free bonus. For more information, follow this link.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Genre: FPS

A series that literally revolutionized the FPS genre on consoles almost 20 years ago. An unforgettable story of Master Master’s journey in the fight against the alien races of the Covenant. The Master Chief collection contains six Halo campaigns (Halo: CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo 4 and Halo Reach) in the best possible way and a complete multiplayer package and virtually no one must lose.

Forza Horizon 4

Genre: racing game

In the fourth Forze Horizon you have the opportunity to look at the UK, that is, … in an environment reminiscent of Britain. An open world, changing seasons, a fantastic game and atmosphere. Plus, there are a whole host of multiplayer modes and hundreds of cars to get. Probably the best racing game of this generation, so you’ll probably know what to do.

Destiny 2

Genre: FPS / RPG

I know it’s a bit tricky, because Destiny 2 is basically a free game, but Xbox Game Pass gives console subscribers access to all three paid expansions: Forsaken, Shadowkeep, and Beyond Light. And Destiny 2 is currently in a form that could be described as the best since the beginning of this series, and it could be argued that it is currently the best looting game on the market. This is more due to the inability to compete, but the facts do not change anything.

Ori and the will of the warnings

Genre: 2D metroidvania

A beautiful but extremely demanding “fairy tale” that will take you to the magical world of Niwen in the shoes of the friendly Ori, who must save again not only this world, but also his friends, who paid for the darkness that it surrounded him. Be patient, because it’s not a game suitable for people who can’t control themselves.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Genre: action adventure

The action adventure of the world of Star Wars will place you between the third and fourth part of the saga of the film and you will take on the role of Cal, who is one of those who is very good with a lightsaber. Still, don’t expect Force Unleashed Slaughterhouses, as this is more of a Souls-inspired game. Skills and a sword are available, but a hot head won’t take you far. Be careful, then.

Gears 5

Genre: third-person shooter

The Gears series probably doesn’t need to be introduced in any special way. The Coalition study of the fifth part of the Fenix ​​saga not only was able to follow the established rules of the series, but also tested small innovations, which in the vast majority of cases were successful. And to make matters worse, there is also sophisticated PvP content, a traditional horde mode, and a novelty in the form of Escape mode.

Disgraced 2

Genre: Sim immersive

Arkane currently has the reputation of a development studio that produces games of the highest quality on the market and is practically the last major studio to develop games of the Immersive Sim genre. So if you are a fan of games like System Shock, Bioshock, Thief, etc. so you should definitely not miss Dishnored 2. You will enjoy a lot of planning and testing on how to evaporate as discreetly as possible.

Doom Eternal

Genre: FPS

Doomslayer is back and its shape is amazing. Doom Eternal is one of the best FPS games of recent years. While the game looks like a headless sand shooter, this impression can’t be further from the truth, because the game requires quick reflexes, but it also requires skill and a lot of tactics in combat. It’s literally chess in the form of an FPS game, where every bad play can cost you your life. And again a tribute to Mick Gordon for an amazing soundtrack.


Genre: action adventure

Control is one of the best games of the Finnish studio Remedy of recent years. Definitive Metroidvania with a fantastic and mysterious story, a dark and special environment and a fantastic game. Probably the only problem with all this “problem” is the fact that the developers have decided to charge for the next generation upgrade, so if you want to play Control in the X / S series, you will have to settle for a compatible version. Anyway, the experience is worth a try.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Genre: action adventure

A game that won’t let you sleep for a while after you’re done. A short but even more intense experience that deals with mental issues, fidelity and love, while the session will no doubt remind you of Norse mythology. An unexpected success of the Ninja Theory studio, which is already busy with the sequel.

Wild outdoors

Genre: sandbox game

Outer Wilds is a special game that you should try to know. It’s weird to talk about it in words. It is a game that is based exclusively on exploring the environment. You will find no combat system, no action, only an environmental atmosphere and constant traps that produce the fauna and flora of the local planets. Anyway, it’s such a weird, soothing and fascinating game.

The outer worlds

Genre: RPG

The creators of Fallout New Vegas, Alpha Protocol and other fantastic role-playing games decided to create their own Fallout, as the brand currently owns Bethesda. And the result is a fantastic, but sparse, role-playing game that mocks capitalism and exploitation and gives you absolute freedom to play and solve problems that come to mind during the game. So, if you’re looking for a great role-playing game that gives you the pain of Fallout 76, this is the perfect choice for you.

Monster Hunter: World

Genre: RPG

The Monster Hunter series is known to all gamers who know what grind, methodical monster fighting, and incredibly complex game systems are. And Monster Hunter: World is probably the best game in the series. Get ready to hunt a wide variety of monsters that will not forgive you the slightest mistake, but after successfully overcoming them, you will get better and better weapons to be able to continue hunting monsters. And around.

Extraterrestrial: isolation

Genre: survival game

My partner Robo would probably kill me if I didn’t include Alien: Isolation in that ranking. Personally, I prefer to put Prey here, but leave the Game Pass. Anyway, the game deserves it. An excellent concept that was better represented than any of us thought in the show. There is no intruder mowing, but a slow, methodical process full of hiding and constant fear.

Overdrive at dusk

Genre: action adventure

A crazy flight presented by the Insomniac Games studio, which will send you to Sunset City. The inhabitants of the city became monsters after drinking a contaminated energy drink, but obviously the main character does not get any out of it. And, obviously, other healthy residents don’t make it difficult either, which will prepare you for an unforgettable experience full of action, explosions and great humor.

UPDATE since 10.5.2020: As the time spent on the Game Passe Doom game expires, the game has been replaced by the recently added Red Dead Redemption 2.

5.4.2021 UPDATE: Some games have disappeared from the rankings and new ones have been added to Xbox Game Pass, so we removed the third Sorcerer, Devil May Cry 5 and Metro Exodus, Red Dead Redemption 2 and replace Doom Eternal, Destiny 2, Control and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.

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