Friday , September 24 2021

High protein sweetener

If you have protein powder at home, be sure to prepare the following products with us.

High protein suppression

Protein, more precisely protein powder, is no longer just the prerogative of stores and e-stores with nutritional supplements. You can also buy it in a classic supermarket, pharmacies or some pharmacies. It is an excellent dietary supplement that has long surpassed its original purpose as part of protein cocktails for athletes.

Today it is used to sweeten and taste dough, flakes, porridge and uncooked desserts. And that is exactly the purpose that interests us most about this dietary supplement. Today we will prepare two types of protein bars for a fraction of their normal price, as well as a well-known dessert in a healthy version.

Nutella, flakes, coconut and protein powder provide the basis for truly delicious bars with a balanced nutritional composition.

Nutella protein bars with coconut

Nutella protein bars with coconut

Excellent bars with a high protein content and some of the popular chocolate …

Tempting peanut in the form of a protein bar containing up to 19 grams of protein.

Peanut protein bars (only from 5 ingredients)

Peanut protein bars (only from 5 ingredients)

From this amount, you will prepare about 8 bars, each of which contains: 237 kcal, 10 g of fat, 19 g …

And another sweet temptation with a high protein content. We know millionaire cuts are healthy.

Millionaire cuts full of protein

Millionaire sections of proteins

A well-known dessert in a healthier but equally tasty version.

If you want to limit your carbohydrate intake to your diet, we have a menu throughout the day and also a completely sugar-free snack:

Low carb menu all day: dietary, but tasty

Low carb menu all day: dietary, but delicious

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