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Holiday Shock: A well-known travel agency has announced bankruptcy! What will happen to customers’ money?

The summer holidays are in full swing and, despite the crisis in the crown, many Slovaks have gone abroad. However, those who organized their vacation through the travel agency YS group, also known as Dream destination, have to solve other problems. The travel agency has declared bankruptcy.

“It’s very difficult to write these lines, because we have had to make the most difficult decision of our lives these days. After years of success in the tourism business, we have to declare bankruptcy these days. We are very sorry not just for us, but especially for you, our customers, that you have traveled with us or that you should only have participated in them and that you wanted this situation. “ he wrote instead.

Holiday SHOCK: famous trips


There is a coronary crisis behind it all

However, those affected by this situation do not have to worry about their money. The office was insured against insolvency at the European Travel Insurance Agency. This obligation was derived from them by law. In other words, the insurance company Generali, which is a subsidiary of the European insurance company, will pay compensation for canceled holidays to customers of the “trip”.

The coronary crisis affected everyone, someone less, someone else. Unfortunately, tourism has affected perhaps the most negatively. After the start of the first wave, at first (more than a year ago) the insurance company terminated our compulsory insurance and since then we have been prevented from doing business as a travel agency. Although we have made efforts to renew this insurance, so far none of the targeted insurance companies has taken it out. Therefore, we cannot place new travel orders and act as a travel agency. ” explained the travel agency CK YS group, which apologizes to customers for the problems and for not being able to keep the office longer.

Holiday SHOCK: famous trips


How to claim damages?

The fact that the travel agent was insured against insolvency was also confirmed by the insurance company Generali itself. The CK YS group informed the European travel insurance company about the declaration of bankruptcy. Act of insurancepending formal confirmation of the registration of bankruptcy proceedings for the bankruptcy of the TA in the local competent court “. Reported Katarína Kukurová, spokeswoman for the insurance company. He added that there are currently no overseas travel agency clients. According to Kukurová, the European travel agency should insure the office against insolvency in 2019 and 2020.

Holiday SHOCK: famous trips

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“Customers who purchased a trip to the travel agency during this period are entitled to compensation can be applied for by a European travel insurance company. The insured event can be reported via the online form at the insurance company’s website, mail to [email protected] or by post to the address Generali Poisťovňa, as, branch of the European Travel Insurance Company, Lamačská cesta 3 / A, 841 04 Bratislava, “ informed customers affected by the company’s bankruptcy.

To pay compensation, they will need a completed damage protocol to the insurance contract, a travel contract, unused tickets, spare vouchers, reimbursed vouchers from the airlines, or an accounting document for all payments. “We recommend that customers report the insurance event as soon as possible, respectively within 6 months of the travel agency declaring bankruptcy. Subsequently, the European Travel Insurance Agency may proceed with the investigation and payment of insurance benefits to customers of the travel agency. “ concluded Kukurová.

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