Monday , April 12 2021

How embarrassed Matovic and I are in the East and the West – News

Sputnik, concerned about the West, offended Ukraine. In short, it was one of those weeks in which the second Ivan Korčok would earn a peaceful living in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the fall of last year, we came to the attention of the media around the world thanks to tests nationwide. It was an ambitious solo project by Igor Matovič that, in addition to world fame, would bring us the long-awaited and final victory over disgust.

In the end, there was nothing either.

Over time, we already know that inaccurate antigen testing and the purchase of the same evidence have sparked disputes between party government leaders, which have turned into a serious coalition crisis.

Two weeks ago, the world media re-wrote about Slovakia. We were the country with the highest number of deaths per covidi-19 per million population. We are still in the top positions.

And we probably will for a long time.

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