Monday , May 10 2021

It seems that this government has nothing to do with the Directorate. . . – Stanislav41

It seems that this government has nothing to do with the Directorate. . .

Nothing can be done, but the assumption that the current government cabinet headed by Prime Minister Pellegrini is more than just visible from reality, what was expected of a decision in the government of the current ministers, because there is nothing more convincing than the fact that the cabinet that survived elections with such a As a result, the public will endeavor to give priority and conviction with all their decisions solely in the form it has so far presented! Of course, the most important reason or better classified cause is the fact that, that the government is undoubtedly created and unambiguously mentored by the leading direction and epigonism of its president Fice, but whoever is a careful classifier of everything that is the subject of his decision, for true fraud it does not allow him to admit, none of the attitudes and judgments, which are the Pellegrin's product the current cabinet, led by Ambassador Fice, would not allow us to see the light of the world!

You know, within the ruling coalition of the current coalition, after an earthquake that was "born" after Fic's decision to withdraw from the position of Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Roberto Kalinak, but especially after his abdication and escape to the last parliamentary assembly as a councilor, together, does not know, in par with him, but on several occasions I was able to say that in the form of evidence the decisions of the present government are satisfied and, above all, visually, quite different from what has been seen so far in the direction of the Administration! This time we have already seen this in the form of evidence, which does not recognize Fica even more than the verbally Orthodox majority of the coalition faith and will not even notice it – because the very need to explain whether it is directly rejected is proof "Incredible and unheard of" and you really do not have to guess anything, reliably proving the evidence!

Even today, I write this on Tuesday, in my name with a sense of joy, and thanks to the fact that my destiny has shifted to management as a profit, since it is widely known that a representative of our cabinet, Minister of Foreign Affairs Lajcak traveled to the United States to meet with his colleague Pompey and I remind all of you that this negotiation is not only an incredibly important program of real talks, but for us – as a sovereign state in the United Nations and for the leaders both personally and orally, because from January we will be in a position Chairman of the OSCE, So try to imagine what it will look like if it talks about current security issues and foreign policy with an emphasis on the question of Ukraine !!!

How much will Fitz and Danka believe, I do not have to explain anything more and I'm trying to guess what content will be signed in Washington memorandum about the understanding of our governments, which is already ready after the expert meeting, and you need to know, that the team will sign practical cooperation on projects in the countries of the Western Balkans and Eastern Partnership countries!

And since it is convinced that it is not the Government as a government, although it is composed of the coalition partners of the Death, the CIS and the majority of the Hid parties, there is still plenty of what is right to know, understand and do exactly where it offers in every way a good solution, because at this time, in our history, we are planning to make decisions in a legally understandable form of the case called the Constitutional Court!

The reality of the problem is understandable, of the 13 members of the Central Committee will end its mandate in February 2019 and I have to remind you that this reality is long for Robert Fico, presented in the form of an inevitable, lebo – try to repeat all his reserves to find that this is a "completely excluded alternative", and then you will then discover the Pellegrini solution as a discovery, which at the end of October advised as much as "Direct departure" – Think before you get rid of it, We extend the term of office to all current members of the Central Committee, and that is!

But what's more, really inventive, but so, as it is already in good news, it's amazingly great and everything is bad for good, he is in the position of Minister of Justice Pelegrini of the Government, that is, indeed, indeed, Smeracke, member of the Most party – Hid Gabor Gal and he not only prefers, but promises and guarantees the election of constitutional judges, in which very good candidates will be responsible and safe, to extend the mandate to the present will be absolutely irresponsible and would give him the name of a decent diplomat – below the standard!

In its final form, it was also simplified by the prime minister – It's a parliamentary job, it can be carried in the room, time is really enough and we will have only one duty! To prepare the offer of the best possible adepts for performing this important function, then in the selection process to highlight their quality and professionalism, but also to discover the weaknesses in order not to come to the worst winners and, as it sounds incredible, this attitude and conviction gained the character of almost certain expectations – this is right and good, let it happen …

Apparently, I am optimistic, according to the title, unusually convincing, but I shake my heart, just as this is a good expectation for a nation in this country and nothing can be done, believing in truth and good, then reality comes as a fulfilled expectation and a bastard!

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