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Kiska had a percentage but did not have a party, now has a town, but no longer has a palace – N


Juraj Javorský has chosen and commented on the news

1. The name of the page came out of the box when it was packed

While sending a picture to Andrei Kisk on Friday, while packed in the presidential palace, the name of his party was dropped in error. Now we know that Kiskovci will be called "For the people."

Some of them immediately doubted the name, others were ridiculous, but Andrej Kiska should not worry about it. People get used to the name.

If I had to worry about something, I would lose not only a large part of its authority, but also a popularity, without the presidential standards over its head.

Invitation of the strongest. While the president was cheating with the palace, a piece of his earlier popularity made the press a few miles later. The progressive parts of Slovakia and together, as expected, confirmed that they would go to a coalition for parliamentary elections, and Andrej Kiska said they would like to cooperate with him.

The president may also be angry at this invitation. Even so, a year ago, it seemed to be the host of the opposition party, but the more he doubted, the more he woke up. And more attention he left to his new competitors. PS / Together they did not let two implore them and what Andrej Kiska offered them, they took it and they became a victory in the elections to the euro and in the percentages that the president can only envy them.

Free Kiska. Although Andrej Kiska will officially be the name of his party and his key people on Monday, we already know the most important: the initial number

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